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I have spent the past 7 years supporting university decision-making and planning through collecting, analyzing, interpreting and reporting on data.  I specialize in survey research, dashboard design and institutional data and analysis.  As of February 2020, I am a new member of the Western Carolina University community.  I am happy to call myself a Catamount, and I am excited to serve the Western North Carolina region. 

I previously served as a Senior Research Analyst at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where I authored the institution’s first alumni outcomes dashboards.  To this end, I aligned Embry-Riddle’s first destination surveys with the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ standards for post-graduate outcome data collection.  To enhance data quality, I implemented changes to increase item-specific response rates for key alumni survey variables.  These changes resulted in increases as high as 50 percentage points.  Integral to my success was collaboration with faculty, administrators, staff and students.  Similarly, it is my goal for constituent feedback and needs to guide how I support survey research, dashboard design and research and reporting at Western Carolina University.

I believe that we can all affect positive change in our own communities, both professionally and personally.  That vision has drawn and kept me in higher education.