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An Argumentative Essay Guideline

The argumentative essay is one of the most important essays that you will write in your academics. This type of essay writer allows you to know the basics of argumentation and helps you brush up on your ability to reason with logic. The subjects that you will tackle with your arguments where you will either write for, against or provide a new will have to be properly explored and analyzed. 

The argumentative writing includes various other types of writing such as analytical, evaluative, and especially critical; using which the claims may be analyzed, the supporting information evaluated, and the various conclusions synthesized.

Structure of the essay

The essay structure of the argumentative essay will have the introduction paragraph, followed by the body paragraphs, and finally the conclusion.

The introduction

The introduction will give background information about the problem at hand and provide the context to the reader about its place in the wider field of knowledge. The thesis statement will come at the last. This will be the conclusion that you will have to convince your reader upon using your argumentation in the rest of the write my essay for me.

The body paragraphs

To have a complete argument you need to have various premises leading to a conclusion. The premises will be written in the form of the topic sentences that you will use to reach the conclusion. These topic sentences will act as mini-thesis statements heading each paragraph in the body of the essay. 

Each body paragraph will have the following components:

  • Topics Sentence

Each claim or the premise will be presented at the head of each body paragraph. The premise will be given some additional background such that the readers might properly understand it.

  • Evidence

You will need to provide your claim with evidence from scholarly sources. This can be a statistic, an observation, or an expert’s opinion. 

  • Analysis and evaluation

The evidence needs to be properly analyzed and evaluated. You should be able to explain to the reader why and how the evidence supports the claim. You will also need to evaluate the write my essay for its validity and accuracy, to make sure that you are not relying on a piece of outdated evidence.

  • Rebuttal

The rebuttal is the part where you will look to defend either your claim or your thesis as a whole. You should be able to brainstorm certain counter-arguments that the reader might point out while reading the essay. These essay arguments only make your essay better, by improving your reasoning and the argument as a whole. It is hard to critique our own argumentation, therefore it is best to take outside help and have a peer review your work.

  • Warrant

The warrant comes towards the end of each body paragraph where you connect your paragraph content back to the main thesis. Doing this will help your reader connect each of the claims as part of your overall argument.

It is important to make sure that there is a smooth transition between each of the body paragraphs, which you can make sure by using various transitioning words and by mixing up the previous ideas into the next paragraph.


The conclusion will reiterate the main points raised in the body paragraphs in light of the main thesis argument. You can also rephrase the main argument of the free essay writer, rewording it such that you show the reader that you have successfully brought the argument to a logical summation. However, you are not allowed to add anything new to the essay in the conclusion. Though, you can indicate to the reader the various areas of the subject that need further research and probing into.